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Neutron Putty is readily pliable, yet has enough consistency to hold its shape after placement, requiring no special tools or techniques to produce shields. Neutron Putty can be used for collimation of neutrons and for neutron streaming.  It is a non-hardening, reusable, boron loaded putty.

It contains 10% boron and has a high hydrogen content to slow fast neutrons to thermal neutrons.  It is readily available in 8-lb (3.6kg) cans and has a density of 1.1 g/cc (69 lbs/ft³).

Gamma Putty is typically used for shielding gamma streaming paths in small irregularly shaped spaces for temporary as well as semi-permanent applications.  It is also used in wire/conduit and cable tray penetrations and radiographic film masking to prevent undercutting and radiation scattering.

The material is in the non-soluble form of elemental iron (70% by weight) that will not dry out and form a powder.  Its density is 2.5 g/cc (150 lbs/ft³), and is supplied in convenient 10-lb (4.5kg) cans.

Gamma Putty is also available in custom formulas using other additives such as Tungsten or Bismuth.

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